• SIGCHI Committee - Inclusion Team

Siddharth Mehrotra, RWTH Aachen University
Maria Zafar, University (Academia)
Kevin Storer, University of California, Irvine
Jennifer Mankoff, University of Washington
Anja Thieme, Microsoft Research
I have served as a team lead for the Accessibility Inclusion Team at SIGCHI in the year 2019. Our team was responsible for collaborating with SIGCHI Accessibility Group, addressing the issue of Content Accessibility  with a specific focus on ‘creating guidelines to use as a standard’. We worked on understanding current SIGCHI conference(s) website accessibility issues to generate web guidelines following WCAG standards of Level AA. Our work includes providing guidelines for alt-text, captions & audio descriptions for videos and creating structural landmarks by using specific HTML elements. Landmarks include headings, lists, tables, and paragraphs.

For example:  one way to determine if content has appropriate landmarks is to look at the page without the style sheet. 
  • When you investigate a Web page without style sheets, determine if structural landmarks are present?  
  • Does the order make sense or do you jump all over the page? 
  • Are the paragraphs of text still in chunks?  
  • Are links running into each other or are they organized in bulleted lists? 
Full report can be read here -  2019 Access SIGCHI Report 
  • SIGCHI Student Volunteer 
I have worked as a student volunteer for designing banners for SIGCHI TVX, MobileHCI, and CHI PLAY conferences in 2019. The task was to work directly with three SIGCHI Steering Committee /conference chairs to (re)design of a new and fresh version of their conference banners. Each banner reflected the topics, interests, and specialty inherent in every specialized conferences.